Self Absorbed - The Jungle Ride 2014

Where does being self-absorbed start and stop, when are you kidding yourself that's it is about the whole but it's really just about yourself. It's funny how when I first saw that sign in the Port Douglas bike shop window in 2010 about the ride from Port Douglas to Cape Tribulation and back I thought what a great ride. I was probably over riding up and down mountains at that stage and riding the mainly flat terrain in FNQ sounded great. With a bonus that you could have a few of your mates ride it with you, the family there, and just a great time. Well, we all know my trials and tribulations from that ride but out of it came a commitment from The Athlete to accompany me on another one when ever I wanted to go.

Well, roll onto 2014 and it looked like it was going to be The Captain and The Athlete. Procrastinations, work, money and all sorts of road blocks stopped a few others, finally LR reluctantly said OK.

The training was done, the body was good, now for a few days of rest, riding and friendship. Four days in FNQ with one other almost 50 and one past 50 bloke could have been a recipe for many things but for me it turned out to be a feast of riding, indulgence (make of that what you will), great stories and many moments to make great stories of, even when in truth the story may not be worth retelling.

The actual ride - all I can say is thank God it was the polar opposite to my last Jungle Ride. This time we were back in Port almost 3 hours earlier, bodies in good nick, with the beach beckoning! No bike issues, no body issues, just glorious weather, spirited discussion and looking forward to a time when a few others can come and join the merriment.

Until Saturday and a quiet ride to Mornington or similar - I'll see you on the Road!

P.S. That's all about being self-absorbed!

The Captains Crew - 9th Aug Ride

Bright November Training Camp 14-16 November Bright

Some of us (me) are very staid in our ways, difficult to budge, and maybe just old in the head. Thank gGod for people like The SilverStreak who's take up of modern communications devices is som immediate, so rapid, so thorough that I can drop the Blog and go with Facebook.
Well that was the idea but not how it has panned out yet!

We have our upcoming November training camp scheduled for 14-16 November. I have missed one of these due to injury and all I've heard about for the 3 years since is how great it was. I know that to be true as everyone I've gone to has been great fun, good riding, good eating, and just a nice social time.

So get too it, sign up, pay Steve some money and we're on.

And while I'm at it here is a little reminiscing!

2013 Training Camp

2012 Training Camp


After numerous prods, pushes, taunts, we have moved to facebook. If you are not a user then goto and set yourself up to be updated with our events.

The blog will still be updated for major news.

The Captain.

Rider down !

Unfortunately, Saturday's ride in the Dandenongs proved to be more eventful than we would have liked. Robyn's untimely meeting with a U turning vehicle at the Sky High atop Mount Dandenong resulting in her being taken to hospital via ambulance with a broken nose and a fractured cheek ... Ouch ! We wish Robyn a speed recovery and hope to have her cheery self back on the bike soon. Get well, Robs !! Thanks to all who assisted Robyn in her time of need and thanks to the Metropolitan Ambulance staff who came to her aid. Much appreciated. Some pics from Saturday.

Outlandish Statements!

Friday funnies, lots of people reinvigorating the blog with their witty repartee, massive group rides, ToW for everyone, Monty being crowded out in Bormio, yes things are looking up for us all as the lovely weather approaches (in Europe), I've even heard a rumour that that wisp of a man SilverStreak will grace us with his presence now that he is on the road to recover.
So 7:30 at Sassafras - be there for a huge Crew ride, some doing it slow and tough, some sprinting, but all having fun!

My Friday Funny!

The Joy of Cycling - Yes Cycling

Reading an article the other day made me think of the joys of cycling and the different things different days can mean and there was no one type of cycling that brought any greater joy. Greater fitness maybe, greater pain - definitely, more weight loss, better discussion, and all sorts of other things but cycling for cycling's sake is a joy in itself.
Take last Saturday, after doing two repeats of Lake Mountain with no sign of Caro, Lantern Rouge, Pistons, The Mongrel or The Whippet I started to feel somewhat proud of myself having accomplishing the climbs in a decent time, sitting having a coffee in the cafe at the summit all looked good with the world - I then woke up!
Saturday morning - home duties called but I finally climbed into my lycra at about 11:30 (weary from the two Lake Mountain climbs) and headed off towards the city. Riding alone had a peaceful solitude and gave me time to reflect on the week as I cruised up Beach Road in no hurry, heart rate just ticking over, smile on the dial, looking out over the Bay and just happy being there.
Two hours later, back at home, a pleasant morning in the saddle, no overwhelming fatigue and not needing a Nanna nap. I enjoyed it but also missed out on the Crew chatter, the pain of the climbs, the joy of the fast descents, etc,etc.
It was a different kind of ride, not one for every week but one for last week.

Hope you all had a good week and I look forward to seeing you in The Sassafras carpark at 7am Saturday morning for a little Crew chatter,  some pain, some pleasure and a warming coffee.

And none of this!
See you Saturday.

The Captain